Discover Cape Vidal and its land and underwater wonders like never before!

Whether you’re an avid spear-fisherman or a beginner snorkeler, Cape Vidal will provide you with great entertainment and is destined to take your breath away. Join our team of passionate and experienced professional and embark on an unforgettable journey.

We recommend that all our guests use the scuba service offers by Adrenaline Charters:


Experience Level: NONE Min Participants: 4 Min Age: 10
Price: 900 ZAR (gear & transport from the centre to the beach included)
Excludes park entrance: 100 ZAR
Duration: Half day (negotiable)

Start time: Meet us at the dive center at 6 AM or on Cape Vidal beach at 7 AM.

Outline: After a 45minute drive through the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, embark on a boat ride to the shallow reef system 20 km north of the launch site. Once there you can jump in with one of our qualified guides to explore the ledges. The shallow ledge (6m) is perfect to view marine life a bit closer. For those who would rather practice breath hold diving, a deeper ledge (12m) offers the perfect opportunity.

Both shallow and deep ledges boast a wide variety of marine life that you could see from moray eels relaxing in the caves and overhangs to inquisitive colorful tropical fish, large rays, turtles, sharks and other game fish patrolling the area for a fish or two to snack on.

This experience is for people that want to explore the Indian Ocean underwater wonders but dont want to give diving a try and would rather view the reef system as a whole from the surface.



Experience Level: None
Min Participants: 2   |  Max Participants: 4 per group
Min Age: 10
Price: 1500 ZAR (surcharge for 10 and 11 year olds 250 ZAR) Includes: All gear hire, entry into the park, transport from our office to the launch site (roughly 45 minutes one way)
Excludes park entrance: 100 ZAR
Duration: +/2 hours one afternoon, 6 hours in the morning.

Start time: The afternoon pool session can be done any time between 14.00 and 18.00. The ocean day meets at 6.00 at our office at ilanga Lodge.

Outline: After an introduction to SCUBA diving theory, you’ll be taken into the swimming pool to practice some basic underwater skills. The next day you’ll join our double tank boat for an amazing ocean experience where you’ll go on a 20 kilometer boat ride to the edge of the reserve and go for a scuba dive on one of the reefs, under direct supervision of a certified instructor, in small groups.

The depth of the reef is anywhere from 6 to 12 meters and boasts an amazing variety of marine life and fish amongst which, large Potato Bass, Turtles, Ragged tooth Shark (seasonal), a large variety of rays and even the odd whale shark pops up. The boat will launch for 2 dives, and there will be an opportunity to snorkel around the boat after the first dive, or for an additional charge of 750 ZAR, another instructor guided dive can be done.

This is for people who want to experience SCUBA Diving, but do not want to commit to an entire course.



Experience Level: Open Water or equivalent Proof of certification required.
Min Participants: 3
Min Age: 12
Price: 1100 ZAR (Includes: cylinder hire, weights and transport from the centre to the launch site. Excludes: Soft gear hire (150 ZAR per day), Hard gear hire (150 ZAR per day) )
Excludes park entrance: 100 ZAR
Duration: +/2 hours one afternoon, 6 hours in the morning.

Start time: Meet us at the dive centre at 6 AM or on Cape Vidal beach at 7 AM.

Outline: Embark on a breathtaking boat ride through the iSimangaliso marine reserve where you’ll be able to admire some of the world’s tallest vegetated dunes, a large variety of pelagic birds and marine life on your way up to the dive site. After the half hour boat cruise, we will reach the shallow reef system north of Cape Vidal, where there are various reefs to dive on. Starting on the deep ledge, around 15 metres, you will be able to spot a variety of sharks, of which bull sharks and blacktip sharks are the most common, but guitar sharks are often found as well. The reef hosts a large variety of reef fish, with triggerfish, honeycomb moray eel, 2 bar anemonefish and even manta rays on the cleaning station.

After a 45-minute surface interval we will descend again, this time on the shallow ledge in around 6-8 meters of water. You’ll be guided around by one of our divemasters for the duration of these dives.

This is a lovely dive for even the most experienced divers as the shallowness of this dive allows for a long bottom time without worrying about no-decompression limits much and will give you an opportunity to look in every crack of the reef. There is a wealth of hidden life on the ledge, whether it’ll be turtles sleeping in cracks along the reef, or stingrays and even torpedo rays, moray eels, there’s plenty going on to be entertained for hours.



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