Visit the Zulu Cultural Village – 15 Minutes from our St. Lucia Lodge
About 15 minutes away, the Khula settlement is situated on the outskirts of St. Lucia. You can do all the things you want in the area and even get another perspective of South African life. Accommodation is provided in authentic Zulu huts. Tour the Khula Village and watch women weaving grass mats and get an overview of current Zulu life with visits to schools, churches, Zulu dancing and even a traditional Sangoma. Your guide, who is a resident from the village will be able to answer your questions about past and current Zulu Culture and affairs. A taste of Zulu beer combined with a traditional Zulu lunch will round off the experience.

You may even bump into a Sangoma, who practices the art of herbal medicine, divination and counseling based on a belief in ancestral spirits.


Zulu Culture
Culture is a way that people do things from what they have been taught from a young age, it is transferred from generation to generation and it differs from person to person. It is the Zulu culture not to look into an elder persons eyes when he talks to you, if you do it is considered as disrespecting but with white peoples culture you have to look into a person’s eyes unless it considered that you are not telling the truth. Men must always take off their hats when entering a house in Zulu culture in order to show respect to the people in the house. It is said to be believed that culture differs from person to person and one can never understand the others culture, to this very day people still try to accommodate peoples culture and others try to keep theirs alive.In the Zulu culture a man is the head of the family he alone has a right to make decisions and the women only have to bow and respect, that is the “culture”.

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