St. Lucia Safari Lodge as Your Base:
Use St. Lucia Safari lodge as your South African based resort to explore the birds of Zululand in the vicinity. Embark on a Hippo and Croc cruise and see not only a large variety of birds but also the Nile crocodile and some Hippos. St. Lucia is one of South Africa’s pristine wildlife destinations.


What to expect from this South African Wildlife Destination:
Where will one find better bio diversity than in the isimangaliso Wetlands Park with its checklist of 525 recorded species. This equates to 60% of South Africa’s total, more than what you will find in the ten fold larger Kruger National Park with a tally of 507. No wonder that a large portion of South Africa’s bird watchers rate St. Lucia as the most compelling Bird watching destination in South Africa. Browse through some of the species below some are often seen in the St. Lucia Vicinity. Be on the lookout for the amazing African Fish Eagle.

As could be expected, the area around Lake St. Lucia forms a very important habitat for the bird life of the area. Water associated birds aggregate here in large numbers during the breeding season. The most significant are Yellow-Billed duck (1 400+), Cape Shoveler (500+), Flamingo(25 000+), African Spoonbill (1 000+), White Pelican (3 000+), Grey-Headed gull (1200+)

Although many of these birds get together in areas where it is difficult for tourists to get to, a Hippo and Croc cruise or kayak adventure will offer excellent views of the bird life around the lake. Page through the library below to see some pictures and detail information on some of the birds in the area:

African Fish Eagle, Black Eagle, Secretary Bird, Blue Crane, White Pelicans, Malachite Kingfisher, Purple Crested Lourie, Spotted Eagle Owl, Black Shouldered Kite and a few others.



Bird watching Tours By Themba:
Themba’s Birding Tours conducts tours throughout the iSimangaliso World Heritage Site as well as regions further north in Zululand and Maputaland. The St. Lucia Wetlands and the area around the lake is well known for it’s great diversity of bird life. Themba was born and brought up in Northern KwaZulu Natal along the area now known as the “Elephant Coast” (Maputaland) He has in depth local knowledge of the birds, wildlife and history, valuable traits for any guide.

Themba is an accredited and trained by Bird life South Africa and operates along the Zululand Birding Route. He is a registered member of the Elephant Coast Tourism Association and is a registered guide with KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Authority.


Can be arranged by enquiring at the reception of St. Lucia Safari Lodge or you can contact some of the guides themselves.

Contact Details:

Telephone : +27 35 590 1033    Cell (1) : +27 71 413 3243  or   Cell (2): +27 71 534 8153     Fax: +27 35 590 1033

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